It’s (past) time for white people to take responsibility for racist systems

White people need to do more to end racism

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been spearheaded by Black and Brown people but to expect them to change the system that has killed or maimed so many is crazy at best. At worst, it is criminal. This is akin to thinking the slaves should have been the ones to end slavery. It took an amendment to the Constitution to do that.

What I am doing

I am sick of seeing police officers and others kill Black and Brown people with impunity. This is what I am going to do to end that.

  1. Support bail reform. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, about 700,000 people are arrested in the U.S. every day. Approximately 66% of people in jail have not been convicted of anything. It is no secret that Black and Brown people are locked up more than white people. Keeping people in jail while they await their day in court ruins lives.
  2. Call out racism where I see it. It is not enough to not be racist myself, I need to call out racism when I see it. If we create an environment where racism is not tolerated, we can make all systems more fair for everyone.

I am a sports and news junkie, writer and comedian. I also spent at least one lifetime working in politics and campaigns.

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