FFS I am tired

Alyson Chadwick
3 min readJun 28, 2022
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I don’t think I am alone in this

Holy crap, I am fed up. I am fed up with so many things right now. This isn’t really new. This is a lifetime of things. This is a list but there is no real order.

  1. I am sick of white men telling women what to do with our bodies. About a week ago, four of the most entitled men and one woman, revoked a woman’s constitutional right to control her own body. For all of human history, white men have pretty much dictated how everyone did everything. I am so over it, there’s not even a good word to describe the feeling.
  2. I am f’ing over hearing the same nonsense from white women. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett thinks it’s no big deal for women to give their babies up for adoption. It’s no big deal to go through a pregnancy and childbirth. (The U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate among developed countries.) She is not alone. Look at groups like the Concerned Women of America. I am sick of sanctimonious, Christian women telling anyone how to do anything.
  3. I am over men telling women what to wear. For some reason, I keep seeing posts directed at women telling them what to wear. Some have nonsense like, “Women, leave something to the imagination! We don’t want to see…” Who said we give a rat’s ass about what you want to see? As a straight woman, sure, I hope I am attractive to men but I wear what I think looks good.
  4. I am done with people blaming victims for being assaulted part one. When I was in college, we were told, Be careful what you wear! You don’t want to be raped! When I was raped at 18, I was asked what I was wearing. Why is the victim’s behavior the issue? I am done with this nonsense.
  5. I am done with blaming victims for being assaulted part two. Why is it when someone is in an abusive relationship, that the abused is looked at differently? Why didn’t s/he leave sooner? If you have never been in this situation, STFU.
  6. I am way past being called a “snowflake” by people who worship the most thin-skinned person alive. If Trump’s skin was any thinner, he would get skin cancer on the inside. FFS. There is no one on earth who has a more fragile ego than Donald J. Trump yet I see his supporters talk about Hillary Clinton crying all the time (for the record I am sick AF about hearing about that, too. For the record you Magafs, I think she is very happy).
  7. I am beyond sickened by Christians who push their nonsense on the rest of us. I heard one GOP politician (yes, a white man) say he was happy about the Roe reversal “because of the man upstairs.” What man upstairs? Is there a creepy guy living in apartment 2B? Oh right, he meant God. I don’t believe in god. I find it a lot more plausible to look at the science and not put faith in an invisible creature that will be angry if people don’t pray enough but is totally cool with genocide. I am sick of people using their religion as a reason to take away my rights. If you like the idea of an invisible man living in the clouds and dictating everything, go for it, just keep me out of it.
Alyson Chadwick

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